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Restlawn Memorial Park is located off of Hwy W (N. 6th Street) and Troy and Evergreen Streets on the Northeast side of Wausau. Restlawn focuses on embracing life, history and the community it is part of. It serves to welcome visitors, guests and families who want to learn more about the people who have been interred within the Park since 1929. Prearrangement and pre-funding programs are emphasized so that when a death does occur, the family can focus on celebrating the life that was lived rather than the details that need to be worked out. Additionally, Restlawn offers remembrance programs and services, community and charity walks and health events at the Park throughout the year. This helps people understand the beauty of the cemetery and the spirit of the history that is part of the Park.

Necessary Conversations Program

We take pride in our...MISSION to be the most respected, responsible and value oriented provider of cemetery products and services in the community
and in our...
VISION to be the recognized cemetery leader in our community, to remain family owned and operated, and to provide caring, compassionate service for many generations. We will maintain beautiful and peaceful surroundings for the deceased and their families while continuously honoring the memory of those who have passed away before us by preserving the genealogy and heritage of their lives.


Restlawn Memorial Park maintains the following trust accounts: Restlawn Endowment Care Trust...a trust account established for the future care and maintenance of the property. Restlawn Merchandise & Services Trust...a trust account established to hold funds, in accordance with State law, for prepaid services and merchandise. Administrator of Accounts - Fiduciary Partners of Appleton, Wisconsin. Restlawn is a licensed 'Perpetual Care Cemetery' pursuant to the laws of the State of Wisconsin.

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