We appreciate the Veterans who serve our Country. Thank you!

Restlawn offers various benefit programs to Honorably Discharged Veterans:
  • FREE* burial space
  • VA Memorial base options
  • Avenue of Flags Program
  • Walk of Honor Committal Program
  • Veteran Outer Burial Containers
  • Military Honors
  • Memorial Day Recognition Programs


* FREE space program applies to honorably discharged Veterans who have not pre-planned their cemetery arrangements.  Arrangements must be made on a pre-need basis.  Endowment care fees apply, per Wisconsin State Statutes.  Additional space or merchandise must be purchased at the same time in order to qualify for the free space.  Inquire at office for further details.

Fill in below to schedule appointment to receive Veteran Certificate of Entitlement
There is no obligation.  Certificate of Entitlement will be delivered along with a Free Veteran Burial Benefit booklet.
Veteran Services

Restlawn Memorial Park offers an exceptional benefit program in honor of our exceptional Military Veterans in the community.

Knowing that our Veterans deserve to receive recognition for their service in life and death, the programs offered at our cemetery allow permanent recognition in dignified, honorable areas of the cemetery that have been dedicated for Veteran burials.

Each honorably discharged military veteran is entitled to one free grave space when these arrangements are preplanned. Endowment care is required to be paid due to state regulations on this fee.

Ground burial arrangements will be enhanced with the free memorial that is issued by the Veteran Administration at the time of death. Several beautiful granite base and vase options are available for the free memorial to be installed on.

American legion full group Memorial Day

Additionally, military themed outer burial containers (vaults) and cremation urns are available.

Above ground casket and cremation options are also available through our Veteran program.

  • A military themed corridor is a focal point inside our beautiful mausoleum/chapel building
  • Veteran emblems can be added to crypts (for caskets), niches (for cremation) or any type of memorial stone to enhance the space and proudly display your military service.
Veteran Avenue of Flags

Being an honorably discharged military veteran deserves recognition for the duration of your life and in death.   Restlawn Memorial Park offers our exclusive Avenue of Flags Program in order to proudly display the American Flag that is presented at the funeral ceremony.

This flag is a “symbol of our country’s appreciation for the honorable and faithful service” and is presented at the graveside service after taps is played.   This flag then can be flown in our Avenue of Flags program upon enrollment into the program.  This program entails:

  • Personalized flagpole with Veteran’s name, war service and branch of military
  • Display of flag on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day (weather dependent) each year
  • Proper storage of the flag between holidays

There is a one-time fee for this program.  Please inquire for pricing.

Raising Colors
Memorial Park
Avenue of Flags Restlawn Memorial Park