Estate Planting & Beautification

Our grounds crew will enhance your family’s memorial estate by planting shrubbery and perennials around the monument. The estate will be trimmed with mulch and maintained throughout the year.

Estate Planning Beautification
Remembrance Tree
Remembrance tree plaque

Trees of Remembrance

A living memorial can be planted close to your loved one’s estate or in another acceptable location within the Park as a way to add a personal memento, enhance the beauty of the landscape and create a natural landmark.

Butterfly, Balloon, Lantern Release

When weather allows, beautiful butterflies, colorful balloons, or lanterns can be released as a symbolic way to customize a committal service within the Park.

Lantern Release
butterfly release
balloon release
Living Will Kit

Living Will & Power of Attorney for Healthcare Kits

These legal documents are offered FREE of charge, and our Family Service Counselor can thoroughly explain how to fill out the forms. Once completed, a copy can be kept on file in our office and an Emergency Contact card provided to indicate the location of these important documents during a crisis situation.

Floral Remembrance Placement

To assure continued placement, we will place flowers and wreaths by your loved one’s spaces for you. You choose the type of remembrance, the desired seasons and the length of time.

floral arrangement

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